Members with mobile phones can sign up to receive a text message notification when power is out at their location and when power has been restored. Signups must be done online, and standard text messaging rates apply. Have your account number ready.

See instructions below, or click the orange button to go straight to the sign up page.

Sign up for outage text notifications

Signing up for outage text notifications is simple

  1. Power Outage Notifications

    Click the orange button above that says "Sign up for outage text notifications"

    sign up text
  2. Get Started

    Click the blue "Get Started" button

    Get Started
  3. Customer Search

    Enter your account number in the box and select your account type before hitting "submit."

  4. Confirm Your Account

    If the account information that appears is correct, hit "continue;" otherwise, choose "Wrong Account, Try Again" to reenter your information.