Avoid hazards with overhead power lines

Fall harvest is the most likely time of year for farm-related accidents and fatalities. The number one factor in electrocution on the farm is an auger that hits a power line when being moved. Be aware of your surroundings and look up often. Check out these tips from Safe Electricity and MiEnergy:

  1. Check the height of the farm equipment to determine clearance.
  2. Be aware of the location of power poles and lines, including field entry and exit points, and plan a safe equipment route.
  3. Always keep a minimum 10-foot safety radius around an electric line.
  4. Use a spotter when moving tall loads near electrical lines.
  5. Lower extensions to the lowest setting when moving equipment.
  6. Never attempt to move a power line out of the way or raise it for clearance.
  7. Know what to do if your equipment does make contact with a power line. It’s almost always safest staying in the cab. Call 9-1-1, warn others to stay away, and wait until the electric utility says it’s safe to get down.

Ensure a safe harvest this year, know the location of power lines and keep 10 ft. from them. Get more info from Safe Electricity