Unmetered outdoor lighting is available at a monthly rate when installed on an existing cooperative pole that has service wires owned by MiEnergy Cooperative. Any additional pole or wiring installations shall be paid by the member. 

MiEnergy only provides a standard LED light as an area lighting option.   

Through routine maintenance and new installations the remaining high pressure sodium (HPS) lights will be eliminated from the MiEnergy system. The standard LED saves energy and maintenance costs. The LED lights have similar light output to the HPS light and the spillover of light from the LED fixture is minimal.

Cost for the standard LED unmetered light is based on the current Lighting Rate, viewable on our Rates page.

Complete the LED Lighting Agreement form below, or

Complete the fillable pdf and email it to Brittany Benson or mail it to:

MiEnergy Cooperative
Attn: Brittany Benson
PO Box 626
Rushford, MN 55971

LED Lighting Agreement

The member hereinafter indicated agrees to rent lighting from MiEnergy Cooperative in accordance with the rules and conditions of the Cooperative which include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. The Member agrees to pay for each light at the current Lighting Rate.

2. Damage to lighting installations caused by willful destruction or malicious mischief will be repaired at Member’s expense.

3. The Member shall be responsible for notifying the Cooperative when lighting is not operating properly.

5. Upon request by the Member to retire a light, MiEnergy Cooperative will remove it at our earliest convenience.

The Member hereinafter agrees to the terms of this agreement and the service rules of the Cooperative concerning lighting.
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