Monday | September 27, 2021

Cresco, IA | Rushford, MN (9 a.m. Sept. 27, 2021)— MiEnergy Cooperative’s Operation Round Up Trust Board met on September 17 and elected to donate $6,400 to the following local organizations:

  • $900, Canton Fire Department, Canton, Minn., to help replace outdated pagers.
  • $900, Decorah Volunteer Fire Department, Decorah, Iowa, to help replace outdated rescue bags that assist with vehicle extrication, building collapses and heavy equipment lifting.
  • $900, Riceville Ambulance Service, Riceville, Iowa, to help purchase an auto load cot system for lifting patients into the ambulance.
  • $850, City of Elma, Iowa, to assist with purchasing new chairs for the newly renovated community room.
  • $800, The Salvation Army Heatshare, Roseville, Minn., to assist MiEnergy members with paying heat bills.
  • $600, Good Shepherd Child Care, Rushford, Minn., to help replace buggies for walks with young children.
  • $500, Friends of Peterson, Peterson, Minn., to support building an addition onto the Peterson Station Museum for Peterson School District memorabilia.
  • $500, Pickwick Fire Rescue, Winona, Minn., to help purchase a battery-powered portable suctioning unit to replace a hand-powered device.
  • $250, Spring Grove Friends of the Library, Spring Grove, Minn., to help purchase equipment and games for outdoor programing activities.
  • $200, Decorah Quilts of Valor #541, Decorah, Iowa, to help purchase fabric for making quilts for local veterans.

Operation Round Up is funded by donations made by members of MiEnergy Cooperative who voluntarily have their electric bill round up to the next dollar. The average donation is $6 per year and 1,955 MiEnergy members participate. The program is based on the idea that small change adds up. Currently, the program gives away approximately $12,000 each year to local organizations.

The Operation Round Up Trust Board chooses where the funds get donated and the amount of the donation based on an application process. The trust board members include Neil Broadwater, of Winona; Beth George, of Houston; Roy Kryzer, of Lewiston; Janelle Mahr, of Lime Springs; Larry Hafner, of La Crescent; Teresa Ross, of Hokah; Shannon Schmelzer, of Cresco; Perry-O Sliwa of Decorah; and Tom Tibor, of Minnesota City. 

Donations to Operation Round Up are tax deductible. Organizations receive grants through an application process. The next application deadline is February 15. To learn more about Operation Round Up or to round up your electric bill, visit or call 1-800-432-2285. 

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