Member-owned generation- Minnesota

MiEnergy will help you to interconnect your own electric generation equipment with our system. We follow the Minnesota statewide standards for interconnection. There are policies, applications, forms and contracts available to assist you in this process. Your safety and the safety of our employees is of the utmost importance, therefore all interconnection applications are contingent on the equipment and interconnection obtaining certification from a State of Minnesota licensed state electrical inspector. Advanced planning is required and it is highly recommended that you contact us at the beginning of your planning  process to assist with your project.

Interconnection information

Interconnection Process (pdf)
Interconnection Requirements (pdf)
Interconnection Application (pdf)
Engineering Data (pdf)
Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement (pdf)
Cooperative Agreement (pdf)
Cooperative Rules (pdf)
Rate Schedule (pdf)

Other resources

Top 10 Considerations Before Installing a Distributed Generation System (pdf)
Questions to Ask a Prospective Solar PV Vendor (pdf)

MiEnergy’s renewable distributed generation (DG) documentation covers a wide range of sizes and types of generation. For clarification and questions regarding a specific DG project please contact Kent Whitcomb. 

Additional resources for those interested in member-owned renewable energy generation is available at News & Education > Education > Renewable Energy

For more information contact: 

Kent Whitcomb